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I use collage as well as found-object printing in my work and call this process: ‘paint-paper-print.’ I alternate the media and layer paint or printing over collage…then collage over that. 


Recently, I started working more abstractly and am exploring unusual methods of putting paint on a canvas with objects other than a brush! This multi-layered process of traditional and innovative painting techniques is exhilarating and the outcome can be unpredictable yet always interesting!

I consider myself an ‘abstract impressionist’, a term I like since it best describes my current work.  I try to portray a strong sense of light and a particular atmosphere to create a feeling of place without being an identifiable location. I am inspired by the patterns and motifs found in nature.


Celeste is now a member of the

b.j spoke gallery!


Judge - Long Beach Art Association

Members Exhibit, February 2022


“Seeing Red” 

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